About the guesthouse

The Quest House KISKA is found directly in the historical centre of the Spiš town Kežmarok in the close vicinity of the medieval castle. The building of the guest house Kiska (Former bourgeois house) is built on the medieval base, which got a renaissance modification in the 17th century and at the end of 19th century was realized historical rebuilt, which mostly reflected on the main facade.
The whole object has gone through complete reconstruction in 2008 and presently belongs to one of the most beautiful objects in Kežmarok.



Kežmarok is one of the centres of the Spiš region, region with rich history and plenty of cultural and historical sights. It is also the seat of the district. It is located near The High Tatras, in the altitude of 630m above a sea level. The royal town Kežmarok received rights from the Hungarian king Béla IV. in the 1269, but even before that Slavic-Germanic settlement existed here.

The town of Kežmarok originated most probably from 4 villages- the village near the church of Saint Michael Archangel, the village Sasov near the church of Saint Elizabeth, the village near the church of the Saint Cross and the village of the Peter and Paul. As the free town it had received many economic and political privileges- e.g. the right of two annual markets, the right to use the blazon, which has not changed much until nowadays.

An advantageous location of the town for important business roads accelerated its economical growth. In the 15th-19th century were 40 trading communities-corporations working here. Dyers, carpenters, weavers, tailors, goldsmiths made Kežmarok famous in the whole Europe.

Part of the history of the town were frequent fights—in Kežmarok region took place altogether 13 fights- one for more than hundred years with the near Levoča and in the other fought town for almost 250 years with its own castle. More than seven hundred years of existence of the town reflects also on its architecture, which contains all tectonic styles beginning from a Roman style. Since 1950 is the historical centre of the Kežmarok proclaimed as towns preserve. There are 17 in Slovakia altogether. In the year 1991 the history of annual markets was restored. In the summer is taking place famous European Folk Craft (EĽRO) and in the winter Christmas market.

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